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March 2006

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July 22, 2009
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AVI #12 - Just Another A/D AVI.

Lots to say about this one, lol.

*First, lets start with the production.
Took me a day and a half to do it. Most of which was just waiting for my cpu to resize the pictures.

The AVI I put in the zip is actually the third render.
The first one was kinda big, but it still had those resampling line..... thingies.
It was like the ugly baby.

The second one was f'n nice. Still had the resampling line thingies, but the quality almost looked like you were watching it on my computer. I was like "F'N SWEET!" Then i looked at the size and saw it was 3.26 gigs.
... yeah that was the fat baby. >.<

The third one is what you have here, decent size with everything considered (the sound is uncompressed, that's my next step in avi making, lol)

As for the actual contents of the avi.

Lemme start by thanking Fragile for making Dogybowl for me. Although the map was kinda hard to work with when it came time to record, it was a hell of alot more than I had planned for when I asked for the map.

Second, I'd like to thank Highos (and -KoB- ) for letting me borrow their server on short notice to record the intro.

Third, I'd like to thank the people who volunteered to be pins. I dont know why the hell you would willing let me throw mirvs at you. >.<

And last, but most important, thank you for watching (or atleast acting like you watched).

Sorry for the avi being so long, but I just started recording and this is what happened in the end. I know the HW stuff is probably boring, but I wanted to put it somewhere, and I figured this was the best way to go about it (i've been playing alot of hw lately).

I toyed with the idea of an all HW avi, but I figured since you dont(read: once a year) get conced in adl, that would make for the most boring avi physically possible.

The music.

Boy, I was about || this close to dropping some Jpop for the whole thing. I always think about doing that, it's kinda catchy to me. But then I start to look for a song and think "Now who in their right mind wouldnt fly down to GA and backhand me if i did something like that for a whole 15 minutes or so."

Needless to say, I figured I'd stick to what I know people know, some big name stuff.

Cept for Search Man's theme. A runnin joke came up among my best friend and I when I was playing through Mega Man 8 and he sat beside me complaining the whole time how the game was "So F'n retarded" (this could be made into another post for the game topic room, so i'll just stop here)

Last, but not least, the bloopers.

Lol. Just lol.

The engy clip isnt exactly a blooper, i just thought it was hillarious, especially since I spent that whole round yelling Poser Mobile quotes (I wish I coulda got somebody else's demo so I could have recorded my comms).


That's it.

Hope you enjoy!


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