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Category Subcategory Title Color Artist
Q3 AC None Dragline
Sprites AC ac xhair None Unknown
Sprites AC ac xhair None Unknown
Sprites AC Ac xHair Transparent uBeR
Weapon AC Transparent AC Team lt kjilgore/ Nirvana
Sounds AC Blank AC Sound None Unknown
Sprites AC ac xhair Blue decap
Weapon AC Clear AC Model Transparent Unknown
Weapon AC Auto Cannon None unknown
Weapon AC AutoCannon None lt kjilgore
Sprites AC AC Crosshair Orange Radium
Weapon AC LtKillgore AC None LtKillgore
Weapon AC seniorshotgun ac None seniorshotgun
Sprites AC treget ac None treget
Weapon AC Toon AC None Unknown
Weapon AC Toon Nailgun None Shadead
Weapon AC Senor's Team Colour AC None Senor
Weapon AC Black AC None SyX-ecD
Weapon AC SyX-ecD Chrome AC None SyX-ecD
Weapon AC Lt.Kilgore's AC None SyX-ecD
Weapon AC PlayingKarrde's AC None PlayingKarrde
Weapon AC ]LoRE['s SG Auto Cannon None ]LoRE[
Weapon AC SG Killah's Auto Cannon None SG Killah
Weapon AC Black/Silver AC Black Oreoman
Models Armour Q3 Toon Armor Multi Shadead
Models Armour Toon Armor Multi Shadead
Models Armour Addy Packs None Addy
Models Armour Glowing Armor None Unknown
Models Armour ooppee armor Multi ooppee
Models Armour ooppee greenarmor Brown ooppee
Models Armour WhiteBags Multi Unknown
Models Armour Saddam Ball (Not Armour) None OoPpEe
Media AVI POTW-82 None [my-T]
Media AVI Aim Within None FainRaven
Media AVI Fatal.avi None Fatal
Media AVI Rail None Ryu
Media AVI Don't Blink None uncleBRUCE
Media AVI Klone.avi None Klone
Media AVI TFC / Catchh None catch
Models Backpack Trans Backpack Transparent Carnage
Models Backpack Backpack Model Brown Nirvana
Models Backpack Medpack and Backpack Multi Dogysamich
Models Backpack TaiMai Backpack White TaiMai
Models Backpack Toon Backpack Green Unknown
Models Backpack PointZero Backpack White PointZero
Models Backpack pointzero backpack Black pointzero
Models Backpack the 2 backpacks ^^ None donkeyhacks
Backpack Backpack Camobag None DeToXxX
Weapon Bat Toon Wooden Bat None Rieda
Weapon Bat Black & Sexy Baseball Bat None DDbrother821
Weapon Bat Anarcho's Evil Happy Bat None Anarcho
Weapon Bat GTAGOD's Clean Bat None GTAGOD
Weapon Bat Miler Lite None tombo
Weapon Bat New Metal Bat! None rollinrollin
Weapon Bat Nike Black Bat None tombo
Weapon Bat Real Wooden Bat None Rieda
Weapon Bat Realistic Wood Bat Less Shiny None DDbrother821
Sprites Blood Blood Sprites None Unknown
Sprites Blood Blood dots White Necro
Sprites Blood blood/bullet holes Black unknown
Sprites Blood Massive blood srpite Red kno[x]
Sprites Blood Large & Puffy Blood Red Necro
Sprites Blood Blood Sprite Red A Baby Seal
Sprites Blood default blood x2 None valve LOLZ
Sprites Blood skull blood Red Synergy
Sprites Blood Blood None Unknown
Sprites Blood Ouch - Blood Red macera8
Weapon Bonesaw Bloody Bonesaw None Panimala
Weapon Bonesaw Dopy's rusty bonesaw None Dopy
Weapon Bonesaw Spaceballs the bonesaw None gear
Weapon Bonesaw Veon's Rusty Bonesaw None Veon
Weapon Bottle Jack Daniels Bottle None vpsaline
Weapon Bottle Bottle - Multi-Pack None ReVo1oVeR
Weapon Bottle Canada Dry None jason9jason
Weapon Bottle Coke Bottle None ExtraOrdinary
Weapon Bottle Gay Fuel Bottle None Saucynick
Weapon Bottle Pepsi Bottle None Panimala
Weapon Bottle Absolut Bottle None ZeroTolerance
Maps Capture the Flag Stack b4 None Jarek
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_disrupt_b2 None supersandvich
Maps Capture the Flag ctf avantiville b32 None l3eeron
Maps Capture the Flag ff hotfudge None moosh
Maps Capture the Flag ko myth 5v5 None myth
Maps Capture the Flag 489 None unknown
Maps Capture the Flag Crossport_b2 None tommy631
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_2fdelivery None Ranthus
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_2fort_snow None Phraggah
Maps Capture the Flag CTF_CAMPINGTRIP None Ian_Suffix
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_decker_rc1 None vig
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_dropoff None SURPLUSNiNjA
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_GeneratingStation None Bakscratch
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_mortal_combat_v2 None VODKA45
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_old_well_b1 None unknown
Maps Capture the Flag ctf_Wester_Town None Mr_jack
Player Civilian billy's Civilian None billy
Player Civilian Vacation Civilian None MURDoc[USA]
Player Civilian Saint[]'s Civilian None Saint[]
Player Civilian Sooprcow's Gina Civilian None Sooprcow
Player Civilian Toon Civilian None SOUL-JAH
Player Civilian SuperSumo's Civilian None SuperSumo
Sprites Conc Galaxy Conc None Unknown
Sprites Conc Green Conc Green red baron
Sprites Conc Light Green Conc Green red baron
Sprites Conc Light Blue Conc Blue Unknown
Sprites Conc USA Conc Multi red baron
Sprites Conc Dark Orange Conc Orange red baron
Sprites Conc Yellow-Green Conc Multi red baron
Sprites Conc Red Conc Red red baron
Sprites Conc Australian Flag Multi red baron
Sprites Conc conc-emp sprite None Unknown
Sprites Conc blue conc Blue idk
Sprites Conc discreets conc None discreet
Sprites Conc Canada Conc None unknown
Sprites Conc Fizz Whirlwind Conc None Fizz
Sprites Conc Venom Star Conc None Venom
Sprites Conc Zuljin Conc None Zuljin
Sprites Conc Fizland Conc None Fizz
Sprites Conc snowknight conc Blue snowknight
Sprites Conc purefire conc Green purefire
Sprites Conc white conc White dodgeh
Sprites Conc Bonespark Conc None Bonespark
Sprites Conc Bonespark Conc 2 None Bonespark
Sprites Conc Flame Conc None Double Helix
Sprites Conc Eddy Conc White EDEdDNEdDYFaN
Sprites Conc RavenndudE's Elite Conc Sprite None ASL?] (|RavenndudE|) [PheaR]
Sprites Crosshair Pack MM xhairs Multi Edited Default
Sprites Crosshair Pack Jungles xhairs White jungle
Sprites Crosshair Pack White Crosshairs White unknown
Sprites Crosshair Pack Fainravens x-hairs Orange fainraven
Sprites Crosshair Pack Adriots Crosshairs None Adriot
Sprites Crosshair Pack Sniper xhair pack Green red baron
Sprites Crosshair Pack TM's xHairs v2 Orange Tr0uBl3m4k3r^
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshair Multi Paft
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshair Pack Multi Paft
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshair Pack Multi Paft
Sprites Crosshair Pack Xhairs Orange VALVe
Sprites Crosshair Pack Universal Crosshair Blue Adroit
Sprites Crosshair Pack crosshair pack None various
Sprites Crosshair Pack RPG Crosshairs Multi unknown
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshairs White Sui
Sprites Crosshair Pack discreets Crosshairs Multi discreet
Sprites Crosshair Pack troj.xhairs.version3 Multi Trojanman
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshairs Green unknown
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshair Pack Green dizZLe
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshairs Red Radium/Award
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshair Pack White unknown
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshair Pack None Forgotten
Sprites Crosshair Pack Royal's Xhairs Multi Royal
Sprites Crosshair Pack Afx Xhairs None Afx
Sprites Crosshair Pack DarthGreg Xhairs Green DarthGreg
Sprites Crosshair Pack Mardin Xhairs None Mardin
Sprites Crosshair Pack Mindmaker Xhairs None Mindmaker
Sprites Crosshair Pack Split's Xhairs v2 Blue Split
Sprites Crosshair Pack Supersumo v4b None Supersumo
Sprites Crosshair Pack Kam Xhairs None Kam
Sprites Crosshair Pack Radium Red Xhairs Red Radium
Sprites Crosshair Pack Equinox Dot Xhairs None Equinox
Sprites Crosshair Pack Kam Xhairs 2 None Kam
Sprites Crosshair Pack Snatch's Xhairs None Unknown
Sprites Crosshair Pack Mirage's xhair pack None Mirage
Sprites Crosshair Pack Re: Mirage's xhair pack Green Mirage / Paft
Sprites Crosshair Pack Alternative Valve Crosshairs Multi Meatcleaver
Sprites Crosshair Pack Trans Multi Zwolf
Sprites Crosshair Pack Pixel crosshairs, version 4 (translucent) Multi Py
Sprites Crosshair Pack Pixel crosshairs version 2 by py. Multi Py
Sprites Crosshair Pack Hi-Deff Crosshairs Multi ]Lore[
Sprites Crosshair Pack b0b's Crosshair Pack White b0b
Sprites Crosshair Pack Crosshairs v2 transparent edition Multi Danger
Sprites Crowbar axe xhair None Unknown
Weapon Crowbar crowbar None Unknown
Weapon Crowbar Claw Crowbar None no idea
Weapon Crowbar Sopis Toon Hammer None Sopis
Weapon Crowbar Sword Crowbar White Unknown
Weapon Crowbar blueshift senior cb Red blueshift/ss
Weapon Crowbar Chrome Crowbar None 4est
Weapon Crowbar Knuckle Crowbar None rAb
Weapon Crowbar Master Chief Crowbar Punch Team Master Chief
Weapon Crowbar Clipper/Shaver With Sound None Krunk (Clan of the Dead Goat)
Weapon Crowbar Pringles Crowbar None El Maco
Weapon Crowbar Rocket Crowbar None BoneSpark & []Saints
Weapon Crowbar SOUL-JAH's Battle Axe None SOUL-JAH
Weapon Crowbar Crowbar Stick None HellRaiser
Weapon Crowbar Umbrella None Unknown
Weapon Crowbar Saint's Crowbar None Saint
Weapon Crowbar Football None Duncan
Weapon Crowbar LaXu's Trout Crowbar None FriedBunny
Weapon Crowbar Dildo Crowbar None Syx
Weapon Crowbar OoPpEe's Axe Crowbar None OoPpEe
Weapon Crowbar OoPpEe's SS2 ChainSaw None OoPpEe
Weapon Crowbar ]LoRE['s Sporke None ]LoRE[
Weapon Crowbar Metal Bat None Chemical-X
Player Demoman T.R.P. Demo Team T.R.P.
Player Demoman Snatty Glowing Cell Shaded None Snatty
Player Demoman Snatty Glowing None Snatty
Player Demoman Veon's White Demoman White Veon
Player Demoman SecretWeapon6S's Demoman None SecretWeapon6S
Player Demoman Toon Demoman None SOUL-JAH
Player Demoman SyX-ecD's Demoman None SyX-ecD
Buildables Dispenser Black Dispenser Black Unknown
Buildables Dispenser HFB Dispenser None HappyFunBall
Buildables Dispenser Overlord Dispenser None Overlord
Buildables Dispenser Toon Dispenser None Shock-Front
Buildables Dispenser Neon animated buildables Multi Mr. Brightside
Buildables Dispenser Dispenser None DoN Chico
Buildables Dispenser Armory Dispencer None Silent Stalker
Buildables Dispenser slayerkl_dispenser None slayerkl
Buildables Dispenser Toilet Dispencer None OoPpEe
Buildables Dispenser 4est's Dispenser None 4est
Buildables Dispenser Darrtallion's Dispenser None Darrtallion
Buildables Dispenser R2D2 Dispenser None DoN Chico
Buildables Dispenser OoPpEe's Dispenser None OoPpEe
Player Engineer Veon's Kiddy Engineer None Veon
Player Engineer Old Engi None freshdachs & faestock
Player Engineer EMP Whore None Demolition_Man
Player Engineer Mex - JoeCool - []Saints's Engineer None Mex - JoeCool - []Saints
Player Engineer Mex, []Saints's Engineer None Mex, []Saints
Player Engineer Multiple Man's Engineer None Multiple Man
Player Engineer point-zer0's Engineer None point-zer0
Player Engineer Toon engineer None SOUL-JAH
Sprites Explosion Faint Explosion Marks None Paft
Sprites Explosion TF2 Blood None fahron
Sprites Explosion HD Decal (quote) None fahron
Media First Person Demo dvs vs ae fry_baked None NR
Media First Person Demo bakwardsX Hacking - 0:0:4128800 None bakwardsX
Weapon Fists Heavy Fist Pound None Gir489
Sprites Flag Flag Glow Glow Johney P
Sprites Flag Flag Glow Team Urban Carrot
Sprites Flag Icons FF Flag Icons None Espionage DB[x7]
Sprites Flag Icons transformers flags Team Klone
Sprites Flag Icons Flag Icon None unknown
Sprites Flag Icons dessi hud Team dessi
Sprites Flag Icons Halo Flag Icons Multi Colli
Sprites Flag Icons Key - OMG None OoPpEe
Weapon Flamethrower Flamethrower Transparent Tootchip/Nirvana
Weapon Flamethrower Onions Flamethrower None Onions
Weapon Flamethrower Flamethrower Recolou None vpsaline
Weapon Flamethrower Improved Flamethrower None DDbrother821
Weapon Flamethrower Corroded Flamethrower v2 None vpsaline
Weapon Flamethrower Gold Flame Thrower None 4est
Weapon Flamethrower Team Coloured Flame Thrower None Senor
Weapon Flamethrower Serious Sam Flame Thrower None S-Zgame
Weapon Flamethrower Hairs Spray & Lighter None TsK
Sprites Gibs Red Gibs Red Nirvana
Sprites Gibs Lime n blue Gibs None Nirvana
Sprites Gibs Blue Trans. Gibs Blue Nirvana
Weapon Grenade Matrix Nade None ]Lore[
Weapon Grenade TM's Grenade Pack Multi Tr0uBl3m4k3r^
Weapon Grenade Grenade Blue Nirvana
Weapon Grenade Grenade Model Green unknown
Weapon Grenade WallyHojo Grenade None WallyHojo
Weapon Grenade Bonespark Grenade Green Bonespark
Weapon Grenade bonespark gren Black bonespark
Weapon Grenade Bonespark Grenade None Bonespark
Weapon Grenade Bright Nade Multi infy
Weapon Grenade Matrix Grenade None ]LoRE[
Weapon Grenade Bycrosoft's grenade None Bycrosoft
Weapon Grenade Blue Grenade None Chemical X
Weapon Grenade Red Grenade None Chemical X
Weapon Grenade Grenade Yellow Unknown
Weapon Grenade Disco Grenade Multi KrazyKatMan
Weapon Grenade Fire Grenade Transparent OoPpEe
Weapon Grenade Pineapple Grenade Transparent Raven
Sprites Grenade/Pipe Launcher GL/PL xhairs None Unknown
Weapon Grenade/Pipe Launcher Pipe/Gren Launcher Team Lt Kilgore
Weapon Grenade/Pipe Launcher White PL/GL White TM^
Weapon Grenade/Pipe Launcher Team Color GL/PL Team revolver
Sprites Grenade/Pipe Launcher StQ's gl xhair None StQ
Sprites Grenade/Pipe Launcher G None Spud
Weapon Grenade/Pipe Launcher LtKillgore GL None LtKillgore
Weapon Grenade/Pipe Launcher Dragline GL/PL None Dragline
Weapon Grenade/Pipe Launcher Q3 Pipe Launcher None SOUL-JAH
Weapon Grenade/Pipe Launcher Dragline's Q3 Team Coloured None Dragline
Sprites HUD TFC Death Message Sprite Addon None Robert
Sprites HUD HUD None Unknown
Sprites HUD Pro Hud v3 Red Nirvana
Sprites HUD Pro Hud v2 None Nirvana
Sprites HUD Greatest Hud None Nirv/TM^/Murdoc
Sprites HUD HUD White Tr0uBl3m4k3r^
Sprites HUD HUD Multi unknown
Sprites HUD flag to HUD convert None Capita & Lunar
Sprites HUD RAPE Fist Flag Icon None Capita
Sprites HUD CLASS HUD'S White Dogysamish
Sprites HUD White hud dll Bright dunno
Sprites HUD fire hud Red idk
Sprites HUD hud Multi idk
Sprites HUD hybrid hud Multi idk
Sprites HUD BW's flag icons Team BW
Sprites HUD Quake 3 HUD None Squirtle/JP
Sprites HUD HUD Blue dizZLe
Sprites HUD HUD Blue dizZLe
Sprites HUD HUD Sprite Green unknown
Sprites HUD HUD Sprite White unknown
Sprites HUD Hud Flag None Econ
Sprites HUD Hud-DBZ flags Multi Synergy
Sprites HUD Super hero flags Multi Synergy
Sprites HUD Red/Yellow HUD Red Unknown
Sprites HUD White Hud White Unknown
Sprites HUD Cypress HUD White Cypress
Sprites HUD Random HUDs Multi Unknown
Sprites HUD Kulite HUD None Kulite
Sprites HUD Sumo HUD None Supersumo
Sprites HUD Toon VGUI None ?
Sprites HUD Team =High= Japanese Hud Yellow Rize
Sprites HUD Old VGUI Player Model Pics None
Sprites HUD Green Green tehFreak
Sprites HUD Weebl HUD Green tehFreak
Configs HWGuy Blue Tracers Blue Nirvana
Player HWGuy Gear's Zim Heavy None Gear
Player HWGuy 0verl0rd's Improved Heavy v1 None 0verl0rd
Player HWGuy T.R.P. HWGUY Team T.R.P.
Player HWGuy Logan241's HWGuy None Logan241
Player HWGuy PappaSmurph's HWGuy None PappaSmurph
Player HWGuy Parker's HWGuy None Parker
Player HWGuy SecretWeapon6S's HWGuy None SecretWeapon6S
Player HWGuy snaggle's HWGuy None snaggle
Player HWGuy Toon HWGuy None SOUL-JAH
Player HWGuy zero_cool1's HWGuy None zero_cool1
Player HWGuy Toon Medic None SOUL-JAH
Weapon Incendiary Canon OoPpEe's Incendiary Cannon None OoPpEe
Weapon Incendiary Canon Quake2 BFG None Unknown
Other Intel Floppy Intel Multi Paranojek
Maps King of the Hill Oil Rig None Dustoxx
Maps King of the Hill Ironpath None Manx
Maps King of the Hill Scrounge None Unknown
Weapon Knife Knife None Unknown
Weapon Knife Knife None Unknown
Sprites Knife Knife Crosshair None Unknown
Weapon Knife Knife None unknown
Weapon Knife CS Spy Knife None Sooprcow
Weapon Knife scintillating knife Multi
Weapon Knife Knife None Unknown
Weapon Knife Knife None Unknown
Weapon Knife The Master Chief Best Knife Team Master Chief
Weapon Knife Stanley Knife - Spy Team ?
Weapon Knife Buzzcut's Spy Knife None Buzzcut
Weapon Knife Spy Knife None Unknown
Weapon Knife OoPpEe's Cult Knife None OoPpEe
Weapon Knife OoPpEe's Dagger None OoPpEe
Weapon Knife Sandman's Spy Knife None Sandman
Weapon Knife Soop's CS Knife None Soop
Weapon Knife Spy Knife None Unknown
Weapon Knife ZeroTolerance - Spy Knife None ZeroTolerance
Weapon Machete full black machete with ivory screws None tombo
Weapon Machete machete with new metal ivory handle None tombo
Weapon Machete Veon's Machete None Veon
Player Medic old med more detail Team SecretWeapon6
Player Medic T.R.P. Medic Team T.R.P.
Player Medic FF Medic Team Dace
Player Medic Medic Model Team HarD
Player Medic Gear's White Medic Blue Team Only None Gear
Player Medic Gear's Black Labcoat Medics Black Gear
Player Medic Veon's Obvious Medics None Veon
Player Medic Pirate Medic Team Dragline
Player Medic Artur Da Silva's Medic None Artur Da Silva
Player Medic Jungle Medic None Dr.Zer0
Player Medic raz's Chasing Medic None raz
Player Medic SecretWeapon6S's Medic None SecretWeapon6S
Player Medic Xp's Medic None Xp
Player Medic zero_cool1's Black Medic None zero_cool1
Weapon Medkit medkit None HappyFunBall
Weapon Medkit mexican flag medkit None Unknown
Weapon Medkit Bloody damaged medki None Scarface
Weapon Medkit Neon green medkit Green Slayerkl
Weapon Medkit Toon Medkit None Shadead
Weapon Medkit medkit with simple animations Blue ff team,a082
Weapon Medkit Get High Kit None Cronos
Weapon Medkit Marijuana Kit None exoity
Weapon Medkit Cannibis Kit None Karms & K33n4n
Weapon Medkit Batman Kit None Logan241
Weapon Medkit Q3F Syringe None Senor
Weapon Medkit Worn Out Medkit None Senor
Weapon Medkit Viagra Kit None Sopis
Weapon Medkit HIV Kit None SyX-ecD
Weapon Medkit TF2 Medigun None World Crafter
Models Medpack DMC Healthkit None OoPpEe
Models Medpack Toon Healthkit None SecretWeapon
Models Medpack BW World Spheres None BW
Weapon Minigun omgot yellow & black chaingun Multi deathralph
Media Miscellaneous FF background None NATRON
Media Miscellaneous TFC Background None Espionage DB[x7]
Media Miscellaneous TFC Background None Espionage DB[x7]
Media Miscellaneous TFC Background None Nirvaan
Media Miscellaneous 1.5 Background None Nirvana/Valve
Sprites Muzzleflash TM's Red Muzzles Red Tr0uBl3m4k3r^
Sprites Muzzleflash Muzzle Flash Multi exoity
Sprites Muzzleflash No Muzzleflash None RaTcHeT
Weapon Nail Aqua Blue Nail Blue Nirvana
Weapon Nail December's Nailpack Multi December
Weapon Nail uBeR Sparkling Nails Green uBeR
Weapon Nail Flying Cow Nails None Flying Cow
Sprites Nail sparkling nail White ooppee
Weapon Nail HL2 Bolt Nail None PartialSchism
Weapon Nail Colo(u)red Nail Pack Multi PartialSchism
Weapon Nailgun Transparent Nailgun Team Nirvana
Weapon Nailgun TC Nailgun Multi Nirvana
Weapon Nailgun Archerz's Nailgun None Archerz
Weapon Nailgun Uzi Nailgun None Buzzcut
Weapon Nailgun PlayingKarrde's Nailgun None PlayingKarrde
Weapon Nailgun Sooprcow's Mac10 None Sooprcow
Weapon Nailgun []Saints's Railgun None []Saints
Weapon Nailgun Deagle Railgun None Buzzcut
Weapon Nailgun Dr.Zer0's Supersoaker None Dr.Zer0
Weapon Nailgun DrZer0's Q2 Blaster None Dr.Zer0
Weapon Nailgun PlayingKarrde's Railgun None PlayingKarrde
Weapon Nailgun Elusive Hacker's Transparent SG None Elusive Hacker
Weapon Nailgun OoPpEe & S-Zgame's Sentry Gun None OoPpEe & S-Zgame
Weapon Nailgun OoPpEe & S-Zgame's Sentry Gun None OoPpEe & S-Zgame
Weapon Nailgun Chicken Sentry None OoPpEe
Weapon Nailgun OoPpEe's Sentry Gun None OoPpEe
Configs Other AVI Scripts None Discoani
Configs Other Brighten TFCSetting None Discoani
Configs Other FF Cfg Bible None ^DarK TaO^
Configs Other FF Cfg Bible (v3.0) None ^DarK TaO^
Configs Other Display the time & remaining time None
Configs Other Wonder Boy's Configs None Wonder Boy
Configs Other Client Sided (Lag Free) Nade Timer None unkown
Buildables Pack Enhanced Buildables Bright ao
Configs Pack TFC Config Bible None DarK_TaO & Joe_Black
Sounds Pack Complete Sound Pk None LadyRedDeath
Models Pack Health Armor BackPack None Nirvana
Buildables Pack LaLk0l0 Pack None LaLk0l0
Player Pack Veon's Black Pack Black Veon
Models Pack Wonder Boy's Customs None Unknown
Sounds Pack Wonder Boy's Sounds None Unknown
Models Pack TFC Essentials - Scripts, Sprites, Models None Numerous Artists
Models Pack HL CD Keycard Team OoPpEe
Models Pack Midgets Team [njk]jtHm
Models Pack Midgets Misc Items None [njk]jtHm
Sounds Pack Q3F Sounds None
Models Pack Compelte Toon Pack None SoulJah & Various others
Models Pack TFC Essentials Aug 2010 None Readme
Configs Pack Absolute's Arrow Key Class Configs None Absolute
Sprites Pain Pain Sprite Red Unknown
Sprites Pain Pain Sprite Red n/a
Sprites Pain pain sprites Green prato
Sprites Pain prain sprites Green prato
Sprites Pain Big Green Pain Green Unknown
Sprites Pain Big Red Pain Red Unknown
Sprites Pain Small Yellow Pain Yellow Unknown
Sprites Pain Pain Sprite Red Wuky
Sprites Pain Pain Sprite Red OoPpEe
Weapon Pistol Tynco Pistol None Tynco
Weapon Pistol Panimala's Pistol None Panimala
Weapon Pistol vpsaline Pistol None vpsaline
Player Player Pack Enhanced Models v2 Bright ao
Player Player Pack Q3F Pack Brightened Bright Dragline/Stayne
Player Player Pack New Models, Old Animations Team Dragline
Player Player Pack SJ's Player Models Team unknown
Player Player Pack Low-Res Player Model Team Unknown
Player Player Pack Gamma Pack Bright f40
Player Player Pack Toon Pack None Various
Player Player Pack Cellshade Adidas Mdl Team unknown
Player Player Pack Guild Models Team unknown
Player Player Pack Glowing Guild Models Glow unknown
Player Player Pack glowing player mdls Glow trojanman
Player Player Pack cell shaded new mdls Team unknown
Player Player Pack Cell Shaded Players Team unknown
Player Player Pack TFC PlayerReskin Pak Team Chronic-Payne
Player Player Pack SJ Team VALVe and SJ
Player Player Pack Toothchip's P-Models None Toothchip
Player Player Pack Addy & Zoo's Models None Addy & Zoo
Player Player Pack Addy P-Models None Addy
Player Player Pack Adidas Models None Unknown
Player Player Pack snattys nocel Multi snatty
Player Player Pack Quake 3 Player Pack None Unknown
Player Player Pack AO Bright Cellshaded Bright AO
Player Player Pack vibrant default old/new/sg Pack None Kam
Player Player Pack Q3 Toon Pack Team Master Chief
Player Player Pack Glowing Old Models New Shoes Team Master Chief
Player Player Pack Toon New Models - Old Animations None Soul-jah & Gnu
Player Player Pack Low Polly Players None OoPpEe
Player Player Pack Black Toons None Venom
Player Pyro Conflicts Firestarter Pyro None Conflict
Player Pyro Black Pyro Black Kindlinho
Weapon Railgun Transparent Railgun Team Nirvana
Weapon Railgun Vash Railgun None +GP+Kitty: Goddess of Snarks, Cloud & Duncan
Weapon Revolver Colt Spython .357 Combat Revolver None vpsaline
Weapon Revolver improved Revolver None DDbrother821
Sprites Rocket Flare PiNk HotNess Pink collision
Sprites Rocket Flare blank animglow01 None decap
Sprites Rocket Flare ECTFC AVI Flare White unknown
Sprites Rocket Flare Rocket Flare pack Multi One Perfect Tear
Sprites Rocket Flare Cent's Rocket Flare Purple Cent
Sprites Rocket Flare VP's aqua blue flare None VP
Sprites Rocket Flare Red Flare Red ???
Sprites Rocket Flare Ratchet's Toon flare None Ratchet
Sprites Rocket Flare Q3 Rocket Flare Red unknown
Sprites Rocket Flare Discreet's Blue flar Blue Discreet
Sprites Rocket Flare Dragline's Star flar None Dragline
Sprites Rocket Flare Sai's Rocket flare None Sai
Sprites Rocket Flare Excell's Flare None Excell
Sprites Rocket Flare Half Size Default White Unknown
Sprites Rocket Flare Jenova's Trail Multi Jenova
Sprites Rocket Flare Baby Seal Flares Multi A Baby Seal
Sprites Rocket Flare PointZero Flares None PointZero
Sprites Rocket Flare Messor Redline None Messor
Sprites Rocket Flare EFP2 Flare None EFP2
Sprites Rocket Flare Overkill Flare None Overkill
Sprites Rocket Flare Strider Animglow None Strider
Sprites Rocket Flare discreet green Green discreet
Sprites Rocket Flare defrag flare Blue defrag
Sprites Rocket Flare Nero Flare None Nero
Sprites Rocket Flare Jungle Flare None Jungle
Sprites Rocket Flare Jungle Flare 2 None Jungle
Sprites Rocket Flare Redstar Flare Red Unknown
Sprites Rocket Flare Blue Flare Purple Unknown
Sprites Rocket Flare White Flare White Unknown
Sprites Rocket Flare P3y0t3 Flare None P3y0t3 / ? (ID Q3)
Sprites Rocket Flare Escape from Pain 2 Flare Red Rize
Sprites Rocket Flare Smiley Flare White Kami
Sprites Rocket Flare SirFrag Smoke Multi SirFrag
Sprites Rocket Flare Sun Flare Yellow Oreoman
Sprites Rocket Flare Small Orange FF-like Flare None Klone
Sprites Rocket Flare Pink Somke (Flare Missing) Pink SuperSumo
Sprites Rocket Flare Blue/Purple Flare Multi DarkenRahl
Sprites Rocket Flare 3 Flares - Green Red Blue Multi =S= | Energy^ -AKA- Eric & SirFrag-
Sprites RPG rpg xhair None Unknown
Sprites RPG flare None Unknown
Sprites RPG Flare Blue Unknown
Sprites RPG rpg xhair None Unknown
Sprites RPG Flare Blue Unknown
Sprites RPG Flare None Unknown
Sprites RPG Rpg Xhair None Unknown
Sprites RPG Flare None unknown
Sprites RPG rpg crosshair None Unknown
Sprites RPG Blue with tail Blue unknown
Sprites RPG rocket flare Pink Jen pro
Weapon RPG Camo RPG Transparent Nirvana
Weapon RPG RPG Team ?
Sprites RPG Rocket Flares Multi red baron
Weapon RPG small blue nails Blue Unknown
Weapon RPG Clear Quake RPG Team A.Y./Nirvana
Weapon RPG RPG None Unknown
Weapon RPG HFB RPG None HappyFunBall
Weapon RPG RPG Team Nirvana
Weapon RPG Transparent RPG Team Nirvana
Weapon RPG DOD Baz. for TFC None Trigger/Nirvana
Sprites RPG overkill rpg xhair White overkill
Sprites RPG def rpg xhair white White decap
Sprites RPG sploosh teal rpg Blue sploosh
Weapon RPG Chrome Q3 RPG None OVERLORD
Weapon RPG RPG None pappasmurph
Weapon RPG RPG None MeRRR
Weapon RPG RPG None LaLk0l0
Weapon RPG quake rpg spinreload Team dragline
Sprites RPG RPG Xhair Green Sploosh
Sprites RPG Overkill Xhair Green Green Overkill
Weapon RPG RPG from hell None Unknown
Weapon RPG UT2k3 RPG None Unknown
Weapon RPG Toon RPG None Secretweapon6s
Sprites RPG Fatal RPG Xhair White Fatal
Weapon RPG Toon RPG None Shadead
Weapon RPG RPG Hand Throw None OoPpEe
Weapon RPG Q3 RPG Laser Sight Team ]Lore[
Weapon RPG Escape From Pain 2 RPG Transparent Rize
Weapon RPG DrZer0's Q2 Rocket Launcher None DrZer0
Weapon RPG KrazyKatMan's Quake Reskin None KrazyKatMan
Weapon RPG KrazyKatMan's Quake Reskin2 None KrazyKatMan
Weapon RPG KrazyKatMan's Silver Reskin None KrazyKatMan
Weapon RPG Leo's Platinum RPG None Leo
Weapon RPG Leo's Silver RPG None Leo
Weapon RPG Logan241's Reptile RPG None Logan241
Weapon RPG Logan241's Ice RPG None Logan241
Weapon RPG OoPpEe's Cult RPG None OoPpEe
Weapon RPG Phish's Team-Coloured Rocket Launcher None Phish
Weapon RPG SecretWeapon6S's Camoflauge RPG None SecretWeapon6S
Weapon RPG Senor's Team Coloured RPG None Senor
Weapon RPG SuperSumo's Purple RPG None SuperSumo
Weapon RPG Vicious' Black and White Skin None Vicious
Weapon RPG Transparent Quake RPG Transparent Marcus
Weapon RPG Bazooka None David "DEfusion" Spurr & Bee
Weapon Sapper Anarcho's Spy Piss Off Device None Anarcho
Weapon Sapper Sapper Recolored v.2 (without scratches) None paavy
Weapon Sapper Sapper, Worn and Recolored None paavy
Weapon Sapper Veon's Sapper None Veon
Sounds Save Me Homer None Matt Groening
Sprites Save Me Jandal's Saveme None Jandal
Sprites Save Me Saveme icon None [Bros]Pred
Sprites Save Me Saveme icon None TermiNal
Sprites Save Me Saveme icon None Jandals
Sprites Save Me Saveme icon None Wendol
Sprites Save Me Saveme icon None Mekanik
Player Scout Fatty Scout Team Tr0uBl3m4k3r^
Player Scout FF Scout Team Dace
Player Scout Paavy's Darker Scouts None Paavy
Player Scout Paavy's Darker Scouts v2 None Paavy
Player Scout Nitrogens Dark and Black Scouts None Nitrogen
Buildables Sentry Gun Trans Hi Vis SG&Dis Green Dr. Flexy
Buildables Sentry Gun Glowing Toon SG Glow Unknown
Buildables Sentry Gun SJ's Sentryguns None SJ
Buildables Sentry Gun Sentry Gun Green dizZLe
Buildables Sentry Gun Dragline Red Dragline
Buildables Sentry Gun Glowing Toon SG Glow unknown
Buildables Sentry Gun Chrome Sentryguns None unknown
Buildables Sentry Gun SentryGun None S-I-T-C
Buildables Sentry Gun Glowing SG Transparent Zero
Buildables Sentry Gun Dragline Chrome SG None Dragline
Buildables Sentry Gun toon sg Black unknown
Buildables Sentry Gun Sentry Gun None Unknown
Weapon Shell Shotgun Shells Red exoity
Weapon Shell No shells None ao
Weapon Shotgun Transparent Single Shotgun Team Nirvana
Weapon Shotgun Toonish SingleShotty None Exoity
Weapon Shotgun Toon Shotty None Shadead
Weapon Shotgun Shotgun darker wood Multi sqeeky
Weapon Shotgun Redneck Shotgun Multi vpsaline
Weapon Shotgun Oldschool Heatshield Multi vpsaline
Weapon Shotgun Leopard Skin Shotgun None Dancinguy
Weapon Shotgun Improved SG + Wood Multi DDbrother821
Weapon Shotgun Darker Shotgun Multi Kod3y
Weapon Shotgun Gold Wooden Grips Multi MastagunZ
Weapon Shotgun chrome single shotty None overlord
Weapon Shotgun Team Color Chrome Shotty Team Charon
Weapon Shotgun TsK Single Shotty Team TsK
Weapon Shotgun Toothchip's Transparent Shotty Team Toothchip
Weapon Shotgun Quake Shotgun None
Weapon Shotgun 870 shotty None
Environment Skies Toon Sky None Brekelefuw
Maps Skill engy buildmap None Trojan man
Maps Skill engy 2v2 None unknown
Maps Skill concmap rax2 None RaXor
Maps Skill bhop theonlyone None moosh
Player Sniper Snake Skin Sniper None jason9jason
Player Sniper Mr Bond's Blue Camo Sniper None Mr. Bond
Player Sniper Punk Sniper Reskin None Anarcho
Sprites Sniper Dot Small Red Sniper Dot Red Unknown
Sprites Sniper Dot White Sniper Dot White red baron
Sprites Sniper Dot Mushroom Dot None Longa
Sprites Sniper Dot Sniper Dot Green (Default) Green Valve/Paft
Sprites Sniper Rifle Sniper Crosshair None Paft
Weapon Sniper Rifle Transparent Sniper Rifle Transparent Nirvana
Weapon Sniper Rifle White Sniper Riffle White TM^
Weapon Sniper Rifle Chrome Sniper None Overlord
Weapon Sniper Rifle Smiley Sniper Rifle None ExtraOrdinary
Weapon Sniper Rifle Veon's Sniper Rifle None Veon
Weapon Sniper Rifle TFC Sniper Rifle None DrZer0
Weapon Sniper Rifle Shrike Sniperrifle None OoPpEe
Weapon Sniper Rifle SIG 552 Sniperrifle None ]Lore[
Weapon Sniper Rifle M16 Sniperrifle None TsK
Weapon Sniper Rifle Q2 Railgun - Sniper None ID Software, DrZer0
Weapon Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle None OoPpEe
Weapon Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle None Sven Co-Op
Weapon Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle None []Saints
Weapon Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle None Dr.Zer0
Weapon Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle None OoPpEe
Weapon Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle None Lt.Kjilgore
Player Soldier T.R.P. Soldier Team T.R.P.
Player Soldier Crumble Soldier Multi Crumblehop
Player Soldier Pirate Soldiarr Team Dragline
Sprites Sparks TM's Red Sparks v.1 Red Tr0uBl3m4k3r^
Sprites Spectator Spec xhair White Spic
Player Spy Anarcho Bright Spy None Anarcho
Player Spy Paavy's Darker Spy Suits None Paavy
Player Spy T.R.P Spy Team T.R.P
Weapon Sticky Bomb Launcher Blacksilver Multi Sjael
Weapon Sticky Bomb Launcher Custom Black DiviX
Weapon Submachine gun Camo SMG None janucks
Sprites Super Nailgun Nailgun Xhair None Unknown
Weapon Super Nailgun Super Nail Gun Transparent Tootchip/Nirvana
Weapon Super Nailgun Super Nailgun None id
Weapon Super Nailgun Cult Super Nailgun None OoPpEe
Weapon Super Nailgun Super Nail None id
Weapon Super Nailgun Quake Super Nailgun None
Weapon Super Nailgun MP5 Super Nailgun None
Weapon Super Nailgun Serious Sam Tommy Nailgun None S-Zgame
Sprites Super Shotgun shotty xhair None Unknown
Sprites Super Shotgun shotty xhair None Unknown
Sprites Super Shotgun Shotgun Crosshair Green RounDz_DoWn
Sprites Super Shotgun Shotgun Crosshair None Unknown
Weapon Super Shotgun AHL SSG None Unknown
Sprites Super Shotgun Ultima's Xhairs Blue Ultima
Weapon Super Shotgun Transparent Super Shotty Team Nirvana
Sprites Super Shotgun Defrags ssg xhair Red Defrag
Sprites Super Shotgun ssg xhair White cypress
Sprites Super Shotgun white spec ssg xhair White decap
Weapon Super Shotgun Chrome Shotgun None OVERLORD
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun Team unknown
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun None unknown
Weapon Super Shotgun senor teamcolor ssg Team senor
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun None senor/archerz
Weapon Super Shotgun Senior Default TC Team Senior
Weapon Super Shotgun Unfor Chrome Shotty Team Unfor
Sprites Super Shotgun Spid Shotty Xhair White Spid
Weapon Super Shotgun Chrome SuperShotgun None Overlord/Senior
Sprites Super Shotgun Overlord SSG None Overlord
Sprites Super Shotgun JP SSG Xhair None JenovaProjekt
Weapon Super Shotgun mort shotgun Brown mortifier
Weapon Super Shotgun Wood Shotgun None Unknown
Sprites Super Shotgun DYOAOYAp Shotty None DYOAOYAp
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun None Sven Co-Op
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun None Valve
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun None
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun S&I None Science & Industry
Weapon Super Shotgun Team Colour Shogun None [PX]Charon
Weapon Super Shotgun Silver Super Shotgun None 4est
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun None BlackPanther
Weapon Super Shotgun supersumo_purpless None supersumo
Weapon Super Shotgun Super Shotgun None PlayingKarrde
Weapon Super Shotgun AHL Super Shotgun None
Weapon Syringe gun Needle Gun None emperor doom
Buildables Teleporter Teleporter Transparent Nirvana
Buildables Teleporter CarnTeles Team Carnage
Buildables Teleporter Teleporter Transparent Nirvana
Buildables Teleporter Aqua Chrome Tele Blue Nirvana
Buildables Teleporter Teleporter Blue unknown
Buildables Teleporter Teleporter None S-I-T-C
Buildables Teleporter Scarface Teleporter None Scarface
Buildables Teleporter Ooppee Smile Tele None ooppee
Buildables Teleporter watch toon tele Red watch
Textures Textures Schtop Textures None Unknown
Textures Textures Water Green Unknown
Textures Textures cs_dust Textures None uBeR
Textures Textures Water Texture None S-Zgame
Textures Textures FF Flag Icons Team Tr0uBl3m4k3r^
Textures Textures Water Textures Blue kno[x]
Textures Textures rage_textures None -459|Rage
Textures Textures adroit's textures None adroit
Textures Textures Default TFC Textures None unknown
Textures Textures Atropheed's textures None atropheed
Textures Textures Unfy wood floors None unfy
Textures Textures Flexy's Texture Team flextjerkov
Textures Textures blue water Blue trapped souls
Textures Textures Water texture None Saints
Textures Textures szgame purple Purple szgame
Textures Textures szgame green Green szgame
Textures Textures Lego Textures Multi ?
Media Theatre Demo Itachi None Nailer
Other Tools background maker None
Other Tools Steam Linker None Nvader
Other Tools Name Options-menu Fix None AnAkIn
Other Tools Wally v1.55b None
Other Tools Avatar-X's TFC Scripts None Avatar-X
Other Tools TFC Essentials Dec 2010 None Several peeps
Other Tools Old Demo Player None compLexity Gaming
Other Tools TFC Essentials 1st Feb 2011 None Various
Weapon Tranquilizer Rifle tranq gun None Unknown
Sprites Tranquilizer Rifle Exile Z Tranq Red Exile
Weapon Tranquilizer Rifle Tranq None OoPpEe
Weapon Tranquilizer Rifle 6 Color Tranq Pack Multi Elusive Hacker
Weapon Tranquilizer Rifle Tranq None PlayingKarrde
Weapon Tranquilizer Rifle Tranq None
Weapon Tranquilizer Rifle Tranq None
Sprites Voice Icon discreets voice icon Blue discreet
Sounds Vox n*gger stole my tfc Black knox
Weapon Weapon Pack Black trans weapons Black unknown
Weapon Weapon Pack LowPoly Weapon Model Team OTL
Weapon Weapon Pack Knife/RPG/Medkt Transparent Chance
Weapon Weapon Pack Team Colored Weapons Transparent Carnage on some
Weapon Weapon Pack Trans/bluish weapons Transparent ToothChip
Weapon Weapon Pack Low Poly Doom Pack Multi OoPpEe
Weapon Weapon Pack Transparent Weapons Transparent Unknown
Weapon Weapon Pack Full White Wpn Pack White Nirvana
Weapon Weapon Pack Default (and alternative) Weapons without Reload Animations None Jabroni
Weapon Weapon Pack White Weapon Pack White unknown
Weapon Weapon Pack Teamcolored wpn mdls Team unknown
Weapon Weapon Pack Chrome Weapon Pack None unknown
Weapon Weapon Pack transparent default Transparent unknown
Weapon Weapon Pack Team Color/Chrome Team unknown
Weapon Weapon Pack Toothchip's W-Models Transparent Toothchip
Weapon Weapon Pack Comic Weapon Models None Secretweapon6s
Weapon Weapon Pack Toon Weapon Models None Roundz_down
Weapon Weapon Pack Trojan Weapon Models None Trojan
Weapon Weapon Pack GL/PL & Spanner - old world models None Dragline / Valve
Weapon Weapon Pack trojan weapons Team trojanman
Weapon Weapon Pack jp weapon Transparent JenovaProjekt
Weapon Weapon Pack Snatch's TFC None Unknown
Weapon Weapon Pack Transp FF Default Transparent OnionS
Weapon Weapon Pack New Transparent Defaults Transparent Partial
Weapon Weapon Pack FOV 120 Defaults Weaps Plus Alternatives None =BC=Afx
Weapon Weapon Pack Team Colour **Pack** Team Senor, Archerz, MeRR, syx-ecd. Dead^--, ONK
Weapon Weapon Pack Weapons Pack None SavageX
Weapon Weapon Pack Enhanced Weapon Models None AO
Weapon Weapon Pack Default (Plus Custom) - No Reload/Switch Animations Mdls None Xan
Weapon Wrench wrench None Unknown
Weapon Wrench Team Colord Wrench None op4:redux team/nirv
Weapon Wrench GTAGOD's Clean Wrench Pack None GTAGOD
Weapon Wrench GTAGOD's Red Wrench Red GTAGOD
Weapon Wrench GTAGOD's Red Wrench V2 Red GTAGOD
Weapon Wrench Wooden Grip Brown Jom
Weapon Wrench Whack-on Monkey Wrench None TheGrymoire
Weapon Wrench Welder Spanner None Katsuro / Daphisto
Weapon Wrench Team-Colored W00t Wrench None Bonespark
Weapon Wrench Gold W00t Wrench None Bonespark
Weapon Wrench Quake Wrench None

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