TeamFortress Done Extreme 2


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July 22, 2009
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An amazing compilation of airshots, offensive dodging, and defensive prowess from QW:TF. One of the best quake avis you'll see, plenty of good stuff here.


- -
- TeamFortress Done Extreme 2 -
- Duration: 19min 42sec -
- -

Thanks for taking the time to download my movie. TeamFortress Done Extreme 2
is my second major quake movie. Again it features some really amazing frags,
tricks, flag captures and bloopers but this time the footage is not only from
Australia, but other TF loving countries like Finland and New Zealand.

The video codec used is XviD (Koepi's build), and I have attached it in the zip
file for those who do not have it already.

The audio is compressed with the MP3 codec so you should all have no problems
with it, but if you do, download this:

If you find you are only hearing one track of audio (ie. music and no sound
effects - or vice versa), the problem is probably to do with your sound card
and I can't help ya there!

Thanks to everyone who helped TFDE2 happen. Not only those who submitted demos
but also the TF communities of the world for supporting me. Many of you provided
endless encouragement and enthusiasm towards this project, and without you it
would not exist.

If you enjoyed this video, please let me know at, and come
visit us at #oztf on!

- -
- Twisted -
- -
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